Complaints Procedure

This page together with the documents referred to on it (the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between you and Netvoices Limited (Company number 10037V) with registered office address at 11 Hope Street, Douglas, IM1 1AQ, trading as 3waytalk, (“us” or “3waytalk”) and details the procedure by which Buyers may raise complaints as to the Interpretation Services.


In these document the following words have the following meanings:

App the 3waytalk app which provides a marketplace for Interpreters and Buyers and transaction payment facilities

Buyer means the purchasers of Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services means the services provided by Interpreters to Buyers via the App relating to audio interpretation

Interpreter means the interpreters who register with 3waytalk and provide Interpretation Services to Buyer

Users means Interpreters and Buyers or any of them

Website means our website at or such other website through with the 3waytalk marketplace and services are provided from time to time

  1. By registering as Interpreter on the website or by using our App as a Buyer you agree to the Terms and Conditions detailed on the website and the App. All parties agreed that:

    1. The Interpreter shall provide the Interpretation Services with reasonable care and skill;

    2. The Buyer will pay the Interpretation charges for the total time for which Interpretation Services have been supplied provided there is no charge the Buyer for the first fifteen seconds of any call in order to establish that a proper connection has been made and that the language pairing is correct;

    3. The liability is limited in all circumstances to the sums paid for the Interpretation Services to which the liability relates;

    4. In the event of any technical difficulties resulting in a dropped connection the Interpreter shall remain available for not less than three minutes to allow the Buyer to attempt to reconvene the call after which the Interpreter may be unavailable without liability to the Buyer;

    5. The Buyer acknowledges that the Interpreter is providing a customised service to the Buyer at the Buyer's request and there is no right to cancel.

  1. When the Buyer believes that the quality of Interpreting services provided are below reasonable expectation, the Buyer may file a complaint within six hours of the call by following the link in the App "File a Complaint". We offer the Buyer to select one of the following reasons for the Complaint:

    1. The quality of the sound was very poor

    2. Interpreter's accent was difficult to understand

    3. Misinterpretation / Mistranslation

    4. Interpreter exited the call unexpectedly

    1. Other (please state reason)

  1. We will consider Buyer's complaint with care and diligence. We will take all necessary actions to improve the services we offer.

  1. When the Buyer is dissatisfied with the services received and wants to request the money back for the service provided, then the Buyer may follow the link "File a complaint" in the App, select a reason for the Complaint, and additionally to clause 2 above select option "Request refund".

  1. The first 15 seconds of the call are free to establish a good connection and check the language pair is correct. Therefore no refund is offered under clause 2.a - 'poor quality of sound'. When a Buyer believes that condition described in clause 2.d - 'Interpreter exited the call unexpectedly' applies, the refund will be limited to three minutes of the call.

  1. When 3waytalk receives a refund request pertaining to Interpreter's exercise of reasonable care and skill, we will forward the recording of the Buyer's conversation to a panel of three independent interpreters registered with 3waytalk for the same language pair. Interpreters will judge whether a Buyer's complaint is justified. The decision of the majority of the panel will be final.

  1.  After each call we will credit Buyer's account by the cost of the call. Should a refund request be filed, 3waytalk will pass the complaint on to the panel as described in clause 6 above. If the panel's decision is in favour of the Buyer, the Buyer will receive a refund for the services provided. If the panel decides that the refund request is not justified, no refund will be paid.

  1. In order to provide quality services to Buyers, 3waytalk will monitor complaints filed against Interpreters. We will suspend or terminate accounts of Interpreters who repeatedly receive complaints, which are later upheld by the panel.